Ghost and tag based RSS feeds

August 23, 2016 0 Comments twitter, ghost, rss, tags

If my blog has inspired you to set up your own Ghost blog (like Mark Dearlove), whether just to have a play around or to actually start writing, there are some useful things you may not immediately come across.

One thing that I'm doing on this site is utilising Ghost's tag based RSS feeds. I am re-posting my blog content to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and maybe elsewhere going forward, but I don't necessarily want all content going everywhere. This is where tag based RSS feeds come in.

Sitting at the URL (substitute 'twitter' for any valid tag), tag based feeds allow me to integrate with IFTTT to consume content as appropriate and re-post to the right place. Of course, a feed of everything is available too if needed, but filtering by tags gives me that little extra level of control.

Neat. The more I use Ghost the more like it. 👻